cold process is wonderful for skin

Is cold process soap good for skin

Making soap is a technique and there are various ways to make a soap. On the other hand, each of the ways has its pros and cons. If you are looking for the cold process soap, then ask a question “Is cold process soap good for skin?” With no shadow of a doubt, it is clear that cold process soaps are highly beneficial for the skin. The best part is that you can customise your own soap as per your skin type. Add fresh ingredients like fruit, milk, vegetable, etc for the best result. So for people who have sensitive skin, cold process soap is the perfect option.

Along with this, it is necessary to know your skin. Cold process soaps may have an adverse reaction to different skins due to the properties of ingredients used in making it. So Check the reaction of your skin and then make the right cold process soap with right ingredients. Some skins may cause irritation and other effects. In such case, it is advised to avoid soaps with a particular ingredient. Just make your own soap using the cold process and see how beneficial it is for every individual.

Properties of cold process soap

The cold process soaps are made from the herbs and natural ingredients. The mixture basically contains common oils like coconut oil, olive oil and palm. Lye or sodium hydroxide is an important ingredient that helps in the saponification process. The basic recipe includes 30% of the palm oil, 30% of the coconut oil and 30% of the olive with 10% sweet almond oil. These soaps are prepared in few weeks and are very require accurate calculation of the lye and other ingredients used. The entire process consists of various phases that finally decides the property of the cold process soap.

For gathering the complete knowledge of properties of the cold process soap, get in touch with CSDO.  Here professionals trainers educate trainees on the properties, mixture, process and equipment. This academy has a vocational class for making cold process soap and also support them to set-up own home-based soap making workshop.

What is a cold process for making soap?

The cold process soap is also known as Lye soap. This is the main ingredient that is used to make it. The mixture mainly contains lye, water with oils and fats and the entire mixture is mixed briskly. Once the chemical reaction starts between lye and oil, it takes the shape of a soap. This process is known as saponification. After completion of this process, and other ingredients are mixed, the soap is ready to use.

Benefit of cold process soap

The herbal and handmade soaps are gaining popularity over the commercial soaps. This is the reason that people are excited to make soaps at home. This is suitable for both making soaps for personal and for selling in the market. The benefits of the soaps made from the cold process have increased the popularity. Now people are using the natural soaps as they contain oils, herbs and vitamins. The soaps are made considering the skin type, an individual need and desired soaps. These types of soaps are good for the skin. Another benefit is that these soaps do not have any artificial or harsh ingredients. In commercial soaps, the dye is added to provide a colour which is very harmful.


Adding to the benefits, the handmade cold process soaps are luxurious and creamier than the other soaps. Cold process soaps are made after proper research and with natural ingredients. This helps the manufacturer to make soaps that are beneficial for different skins. Commercial soap contains harmful chemicals that when rubbed to the skin cause several problems. So it is better to use the cold process soaps for the skin. Another benefit is that such soaps offer aromatherapy advantages. The fragrance based treatment and other ingredients in the soap help to stay stress free. Such soaps also boost the immune system. The user can also get the ideal blend of ingredients that they want in their soaps. The best part is that such soaps nourish skin and do not dry it out.


No chemical: The harsh chemicals available in the commercial soaps make the skin dry and reduce the moisture. The cold process soap back off the ageing process. The benefits of these soaps can be classified into sections like cleaning, creamy feel, powerful natural, medicine and other benefits.


Cleaning: Lye is the best detergent that when used in the cold process soap proves to be the best cleaning agent. Lye easily removes the stains from clothes, ideal for bathing and best for hand wash.


Medicine: The cold process soaps also have amazing medicinal benefits. These soaps are useful in curing insect bites, dandruff, itchy skin, psoriasis and poison ivy.


Creamy and powerful natural: Cold process soap is made using the natural ingredients. It penetrates deep into the skin and maintains the overall health. With the cold process, the benefits of oils, herbs and other ingredients are not lost. It provides luxurious leather and has intensive scent. For providing it with a beautiful look, the colours added are natural and do not have an adverse impact on the skin.


Other benefits: The cold process lye soaps are best used as the insect repellent. The flakes of the soap flew away mosquitoes. When placed in tents or in the surrounding, it prevents ants and flies. The cold process of making soap is natural and prevent benefits of ingredients used in making it.


Learn to make cold process soap


For people who are interested in making their own cold process herbal soap can contact CSDO. This is the perfect institute that provides complete training on different processes of making soaps. Know about the properties of cold process soaps, ingredients used, scents, etc. Experts here also educate trainees on making personalised soaps as per the skin type. You will learn the technique to prepare a mixture, add herbs and improve the benefits from the use of handmade soaps.

Create a soothing environment with Meditation candles


Healing candles are also popular in the name of Aromatherapy candles. These candles heals mind with the releasing of aromatic natural scent made of essential oils along with other natural aromatic herbs. It is believed and also suggested by yoga experts that that these Meditation candles actually create a positive aura surrounding the individual which enhances a positivity and calmness for mind.  A feeling of relaxation will be experienced by the person who is mediating.

Just by inhaling the relaxing candle scent released when it burns reduces mental as well as physical stress. The feeling of getting anxious for something etc just gets swiped away naturally without creating any impact on the body.

Negative atmosphere in the room can be removed by lighting up spa candles. When you visit a spa center to get relaxing body massage use of such candles are done. This sets up the mood inside the room which turns relaxing and soothing for the client visiting for the massage treatment. If you or any of your family members is in a depressed mood you can light up these candles at home. The moment you will start experiencing the soothing smell of the essential oils used at the time of making these candles your depressed mind will start getting activated. It will turn energized. This will help you to think about life in a positive way.

On the other hand if you want to set a romantic mood in your bed room then takes help of these healing candles. If you want to make these candles on your own by learning from some professional experts then join the CSDO candle classes. Here you will learn about the steps of scented candle making and can start your own business of candle making right at the comfort of your home.

Chocolate Fudge : A New Way To Use Chocolate

You all very well know the taste of chocolate. How many of you like chocolate fudge?  Well, everyone! Anyone who has tasted chocolate fudge in his or her live, is sure to become a lifelong fan of chocolate fudge. Be it children or adults, no one can deny the love for chocolate fudge. The soft and spongy texture of the chocolate fudge is a delight to be tasted. It melts away in your mouth without you even noticing. The taste of the chocolate fudge spreads into your mouth as well as brain sending relaxation signals to your nerves. Well, that’s the magic of chocolate fudge.

Everyone is familiar with late night cravings, this mostly include having something sweet. Talking about something sweet, what if it be a dumpling of chocolate fudge! But you have run out of chocolate fudge, in this case, you can make chocolate fudge of your own!What if we say you can learn to make chocolate fudge at home easily? You can take up the chocolate fudge making classes, which are organized at a time of the day which is not a busy one, so that you can easily attend. In these classes you can learn to make chocolate fudge and make delicious chocolate fudges at home easily and please your family!

Learn Chocolate Fudge To Make At Home

Chocolate fudge tastes sinfully delicious, and because of its nerve relaxing taste it’s no sin to have it. If you are a chocolate fudge freak, then it is must for you to learn how to make chocolate fudge. You can learn to make chocolate fudge by experts who will teachyou about all the ingredients used in chocolate fudge also the directions to prepare chocolate fudge. These experts give you tips and tricks to make perfect chocolate fudge.


Please your friends and family

Imagine how delightful your family and friends would be if they tasted chocolate fudge made by your hands. Nothing tastes better than handmade food items, and this is chocolate fudge, your family and friends will love you for making chocolate fudge for them.

 Start your own chocolate making business

As tasty as the chocolate fudge is, it can be profitable too. You can use your chocolate fudge making skills into producing and selling it. Which means you can start your own chocolate fudge making business. The good thing is that you can always experiment with the taste and types of chocolate fudge. After all, it’s chocolate and it can be prepared in any forms. Chocolate fudge making business needs a very less amount of investment to start, which means anyone can easily start their own business. There is lesser chance of risk in this business. It’s just chocolate fudge making and selling. While, you are planning to start selling your handmade chocolate fudge, here are few points to consider

Gain expertise in chocolate fudge making – Chocolate fudge is ambrosial to savour and you don’t want your customers to have something which would be low in quality. Therefore, take chocolate fudge making classes and gain expertise in making chocolate fudge which is impeccable in all ways.

  • Experimenting –You must experiment with chocolate fudge making. Strive to make something new and innovative than an average novice. The customers are always interested to try something new, this, you should present something new to them always .
  • The place to prepare chocolate fudge – When you have decided to prepare chocolate fudge yourself and sell it or making it a business, then you must find a proper place to prepare it too. It would be hard and messy to prepare it in your home kitchen. For a business, you would need to prepare a huge quality and you need a separate workstation to prepare it.
  • Obtaining the license – If you are planning on to start your business you first and foremost obtain the license to run your business.
  • Insurance – You must insure your business to save it from any future contingencies.
  • Packaging – Must be done properly without any scope for damage.
  • Marketing – Marketing of your business involves, selling your products in the market and striving to gain popularity. You can sell it to retailers as they have fixed and high footfall which would ensure that your chocolate fudge is being bought by the people.
  • Promotion – In order to run a successful business, promotion is necessary. You can distribute pamphlets about your chocolate fudge or set up a stall and give away free samples to attract customers.

The chocolate fudge is not only scintillating to your taste buds but is also an exciting business idea.

7 reason you should eat nuts everyday

For a healthy lifestyle and body, regular intake of required proteins, antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are recommended. Nuts are the primary source of all such nutrients and can be consumed daily. Nuts can be walnuts, almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts. They all are believed to be the best for the entire body and improves the fat and calories. They are the right source to maintain the right energy level all through the day.

Nuts improve heart health: Nuts have fatty acids that make them important allies for cardiovascular health. They also contain alpha-linoleic acid that reduces the risk of cardiac arrhythmia and accumulation of cholesterol in arteries.

Protect brain health: Nuts provide enough amino acids and antioxidants that help and protects the brain and memory health.

Best Anti-inflammatory: Nuts are the good source of omega 3 fatty acids that help to control and reduce body’s inflammatory processes. Eating nuts daily helps to prevent numerous common and chronic disorders.

Improve digestive health: Eating nuts daily has several digestive benefits as they contain necessary fibres. They also reduce indigestion and feed the beneficial bacteria in the colon which regulates required PH of the body.

Prevent premature aging: Nuts are the good source of vitamins that improve the skin health and prevent the body from premature aging. Its antioxidant nutrient repairs the cellular damage that is caused by the free radicals.

Builds muscle mass: Nuts are the primary source of protein that is required to meet the daily nutritional requirement of the body. They also prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue during sleep when taken at night.

  • Helps fighting obesity: Nuts are recommended to be consumed daily as they are highly beneficial for individuals who are overweight or obese. Protein and fibre in nuts help to burn fat and result in quick weight loss.


Baklava Making: Please Your Loved Ones


For people who are familiar with the taste of baklava, it is hard forthem to resist themselves from having more of it. The sweet taste buds burst into joy after getting a bite of baklava. Baklava is originally a Turkish dish, and in India people drool over the taste of it. Making the original Turkish baklava is a trick, which holds on to the basic taste of it. It is basically a sweet dish made out of dough and dry nuts along with syrup, honey or any other additional flavour.

In India, baklava is made in many sweet shops and people love it. If you too feel the urge to taste baklava and it is not available in your locality, then you can actually learn to make baklava and easily prepare it at home. Baklava making is a trick, and if it is not made as the original taste of it, then there is no pleasure to consume it. The original taste of baklava is what makes it different from any other sweets. So it is must for you to get the right taste. You can learn to make baklava by joining a baklava making class. There the experts will teach you about all the ingredients and the technique used to make it. They will also teach you to make baklava in various other flavours while holding on to its base taste.

Surprise your friends and family by making them taste your handmade baklava

You can learn to make baklava at home and let your loved ones try the taste of your handmade baklava. It is a kind of sweet to which no one can say no. It is also true that it is not easily available in market sweet shops. So what if you surprise your loved ones by serving them your super scrumptious baklava!

 Ditch any other sweets this festive season and instead prepare your hand made baklava at home

Festive season means lots and lots of sweets; you buy or gift sweets in huge amounts. Well, buying those same regular sweets could get boring. So why not prepare a mouth watering sweet at home. Speaking of which, what else can be better than Baklava!  After getting proper training about baklava making, you can prepare baklava at home for this festive season and surprise your family!

Gift delicious Baklava to your friends

Baklava is loved by all, and what can be better than gifting a person which he or she loves. Festive season also means loads of gifts receiving and giving. You can prepare different flavours of delicious baklava and gift them to your friends and other family members.

Welcome your guests by serving them your handmade baklava

Whenever guests come to your home, it’s an Indian ritual in most of the houses to serve them something sweet. Well, by getting training in baklava making classes you can prepare baklava at home easily. You can serve your handmade baklava to your beloved guests and surprise them. And once they would taste this delicious sweet made by you they will all be praises about your cooking skills. And who doesn’t like to hear praises about oneself! We all do, of course!

Start your own baklava making business

You can also have a career by learning to make baklava. Many women have taken a baklava making class and are now, running their own business where they make and sell different types of baklava and earn great profits. You can also start your own baklava making business.  Here are some points to be considered while you prepare to start your baklava making business:

  • Learn the technique to make perfect baklava which is drenched in the richness of its original taste.
  • Ensure hygieneto avoid any king of health issues.
  • Acquire the license and registration to ensure everything is legalized. A properly legalized business does not face any king of legal problems ever. Getting into a legal trouble is definitely the last thing you want.
  • Gather the ingredients and equipmentto start with the baklava making process. This business needs a very less amount of investment. So you should be well equipped with all the utensils or tools you need to prepare baklava. Also stock yourself up with the ingredients used.
  • Packaging must be reliable and damage proof. Poor packaging can damage your product which would result in losses.
  • Selling your baklava is utmost important. You must try to find the target customers and retailers around your area to start with your selling process.

Thus now you know that baklava is not only pleasing to your taste buds but is also a delicious idea for a successful business.

premix gravy workshop

As the festive season has begun, it is the desire of every individual to prepare some delicious dishes at home and delight guests. However, it takes a lot of time to prepare gravy masala for different dishes. Finding it an earning and learning opportunity, CSDO has introduced the workshop for students, housewives, businessman, NGO workers, entrepreneurs, exporters and people who are still in search of a start-up business.This workshop will be handled by the experts who will provide details and quantities of raw materials that are required to prepare pre-mix dry gravies like onion powder, cashew and dry spices, garlic powder.

This course will include providing complete knowledge on the type of gravies, raw material, preparation method, knowledge of the herbs and spices, etc. It is sure that when these dry gravies used in preparing special Indian food, there will be an unforgettable taste and people will love it. This few hour workshop is dedicated to improve and sharpen the gravy making skill of the people who are involved in this business. It is a boon for the working women’s who love feeding the appetite of their entire family with some exciting recipes but lacking due to the less time and no proper knowledge on making the right gravy.


How to start candle business in India

Starting a business is never an easy task. However, there is always a ray of hope to be your own boss and have a business. No matter whether it is a small-scale or a large scale, a business will definitely provide a peace of mind and will give you a high earning option. If you are thinking to start a candle business in India, then there are various different ways that will attract you. Adding to this, there are various large-scale companies that provide freedom to start a small candle making business and they will supply the candles. For this business make sure to pick the seasons like Christmas or Diwali to enjoy the initial sale boost. Here is a complete guide on “How to start candle business in India”.

Initial find and tools
For starting the candle making business you will require initial fund for purchasing raw materials like wax, molds, wicks, scents, dyes and required pan and other materials. Funds will also be required if you purchase a start-up kit from a merchandised company. This is a suitable way to get all the candle making material tools and products from a single point. Moreover, you can raise funds from banks, internal sources, accruals and funding institutes for MSMEs.

Gain required skills
Before entering this business you require a proper knowledge on the heating process, melting, raw materials required, tools, technology and knowledge of the market. For this, CSDO has emerged as the training institute where you can get complete training from experts in this industry. You will also gain support at the setup time and handle the initial production under their guidance. You will also learn to market your product in the market and build a network of distributors.

Decide on the area of operation
You need to have a dedicated space for starting this business either in your home or at another place. Make sure that space is easy to clean and is decently ventilated to provide a suitable working environment to workers.

Learn additional skills like accounting, financing and marketing
It is necessary that you posses other skills like accounting, financing and marketing to assure your success and do not depend on others and pay their salary. This will put an additional financial burden on your business.

Take the first step
You cannot get success unless you take the first step. The same applies for the candle making business. You need to think as per the availability of the competition in your area. For this, have your own online website as this is the right source to promote and increase the sales across the globe. Make sure to provide some gifts and other promotional stuff that will attract customers.

Once you step into the production of candle making business make sure to keep your hopes high. This business will defiantly take a long time to grow and earn high profit. Increase your potential each day and be assured that you will definitely reach your set goal.

profitable candle business

India is a growing country that has opened business opportunity in various industries. People now find it easy to turn their hobby into a part time or full time earning an opportunity. So far there are new business opportunities that are available in India and people are getting attracted towards them. The time has come when there is a huge chance to establish a small candle industry in any part of the country at the comfort place like home. The investment required is very low and less manpower. With this, the operational cost is also low but the profit from the business is high.Any person can start the candle making

Any person can start the candle making business from their comfort place. Candle making business is a profitable business for everyone even for those who make it for self-use. If this is your passion then turn it into an earning opportunity. For this, gain complete knowledge on different styles of candle making, process, raw materials, packaging styles and variety of candles. For this, CSDO has emerged as the most popular institute that conducts well-balanced training and courses considering the demand of the trainees. Experts here also provide complete support to get the unit set-up at your place and start high-quality candle production.

Well, candle making is the easiest way to be a rich person in few years. At the initial stage, you will find it expensive when you spend on the equipment, setup and purchasing the raw material. Having a proper marketing plan and network is required to sell the candles in the prospective markets. Adding to this, candle wax can be expensive and totally depends on the quality you use. It is highly required to manufacture candles with varying colour, design, quality, fragrance and for particular occasion.

Making and selling candles for profit is the great business idea. For this, you require little effort and knowledge on various business factors. All that required is to possess high-quality skills, be creative and understand the demand of the customers. When you are capable of all this, you definitely find Candle making business profitable for you. You need to be clear about the type of candle you wish to make and sell, decide on the market to enter, learn how to make variety of candles, get high quality material at reasonable price, have a brand image, handle the legal issues carefully, and have best network of sellers and distributors in different markets.

When you consider all such factors, it is clear that Candle making business will be a highly profitable for you in the long run. The demand of candles have increased in past few years as they are used in different festive seasons, celebrating special moments of life, birthday parties, decorating house, office and other places. The high-quality candle finds its market easily across the globe. Young people are getting attracted towards this highly profitable business and finding it as a full-time career option. The size of the unit will also decide the money and profit your make from candle business.



How to start chocolate business in India

Do you have sweet tooth and a hobby to make chocolates? If yes, then chocolate making business is the best option to turn the hobby into full-time earning an opportunity. In order to start this business, you need to have proper knowledge on making a variety of chocolates and an overview to start the business. Chocolates have a growing market across the globe and this is the reason for new graduates getting attracted towards starting their own chocolate business from home. If you have creative mind and patience, then this is the right business option for you. Here is a complete guide where you will find a genuine answer to “How to start the chocolate business in India”.

Get a required training on chocolate making:
This is the most important factors that play a vital role in your chocolate making business. You need to get training from a reputed academy where you will be exposed to working environment, market scope, raw materials, equipment used and methods of making a variety of chocolates. For this, CSDO is a popular name in the industry to get the required training along with complete support starting from initial business set-up to final operation.

Have your brand name and chocolate making formula:
It is necessary that you decide on the brand name to compete with the other chocolate companies in the market. Have unique chocolate making formula, quality, variety and attractive style of packing. This will definitely earn you the attention of the customers.

Decide the business space:
If you wish to start the business at your home, make sure to decide the place. It should be easy to clean and properly ventilated. Since chocolates are edibles, you need to make sure that you meet the requirement of the health department for proper licensing.

Raise the required fund:
The initial capital is required to start the chocolate-making business. You need to decide the source to raise this capital that may be from friends, banks, or other financial institutions.

Have a proper marketing plan:
You need to decide on the type of marketing to be used. It should be an effective one to overcome the tough competition in the market. You should also make an online presence by getting a dedicated website and use of the digital marketing concept.

Get professionals help in final setup and starting production:
It is highly recommended to take the professionals help to get the right setup of all the equipment, space management, and quality maintenance. Start the initial production under their guidance to get the high quality and get the right path of operation to avoid any manufacturing defect.

Once you have performed all these activities with care you will certainly be a successful chocolate making business owner. Make sure to guard your secret and do not reveal the chocolate recipe to others. Finally, make sure to make their entire process fun so that you can put your best in business growth and provide best work environment to the employees if you have.